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BRIKS gets children moving, whatever the weather, all year round!

BRIKS is a modular toy that contains everything needed to build a playhouse, including a pitched roof: fifteen large foam-blocks of classical building block geometry. All dimensions are compatible, all modules can be combined.

But there’s much more to BRIKS: having a special foldable design, the roof of the playhouse stimulates exercise when transformed into a crawl tunnel or, used flat on the floor, as a gymnastic mat. Eventually, it can also provide for some rest as a guest mattress.

All children love to create spaces of their own: with BRIKS these can be different every day! Available furniture is included in the game and the playroom is re-invented over and over again. Thus, BRIKS is enhancing the children’s creativity, imagination and motor skills.

At the same time, BRIKS is also an educational toy - the children improve their spatial abilities and learn about basic shapes, colours and the physical laws in a playful, enjoyable way. It is here that the foundation for successful further learning is being laid and consolidated!

BRIKS is available in two editions: BRIKS Pro is designed for the use in child care facilities but also makes a perfect toy for private use if the necessary space is available. BRIKS Home contains the same number of modules and comes in smaller dimensions to cater especially for the fun at home.


BRIKS captivates boys and girls alike, they simply cannot get enough of it! BRIKS can be a pirate ship when they are three years old and a sleepover-camp when they are ten. The best thing about BRIKS: one can play with them alone but even better with many friends!

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