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Today’s complex, motorised society provides little opportunity for young children to get sufficient physical exercise.

The various causes are well-known: ever increasing hazards due to road traffic and an increasing influence of electronic media such as TV and computer games.

Educational experts have identified a serious lack of physical activity in preschool and primary school children as a result of this. This lack of exercise - a fundamental necessity for this age group – results in a retarded development of children’s motor skills.

The consequences of this retarded development are well recognised and discussed by specialists and the media. Firstly they concern the physical health:

• Premature cardiovascular diseases
• Damage to the spinal column and other
   degenerative effects on the skeletal frame, and
• Obesity.

Moreover, numerous studies suggest evidence of a relationship between the lack of physical activity and psychosocial developmental disturbances. These affect:

• The development of intelligence
• The ability to concentrate
• Social integration, and
• The development of independence.

Educationalists worry about increasingly difficult teaching conditions in our schools due to a general restlessness among the pupils, adaptive difficulties and a massive deficiency in concentration in an ever-growing number of children.

BRIKS gets children moving, whatever the weather, all year round!


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